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DOG FRIENDLY Rijeka Apartments!

2018-04-05 13:50

Alma H.

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DOG FRIENDLY Rijeka Apartments!

Pet Friendly Rijeka Apartments - Private Accommodation in Rijeka CENTER!


Dear owners of four-legged family friends,

If you own a dog, from which you can not separateeither during the journey, in our DOG FRIENDLY Rijeka Apartments in the city center ofRijeka you will enjoy the privacy, comfort and warm welcome of the second home.Some of the apartments as ‪"Apartment Korzo" has preparedbowls for food and water. Welcome tous!

Our charming, coastal, historical and tourist city"Rijeka" that will warmly host you and it`s open to the needs of yourfamily friends. For your four-legged friends is allowed during the summer placeto be able to refresh from the hellish heat on 2 beautiful beaches in Rijeka"dog beach Kantrida" and "dog beach Brajdica".


Near the city „Rijeka“ approx. 16 minutes by car (8km) is another beautiful "dog beach Mikulova-kava at Kostrena" peoplesay it’s the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean.


Apartments Rijeka Team,

Wishing you pleasant vacation with greatremembering.

Welcome! :)

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